Do you have a project to finance? If your project is thematically in line with the Coexista message, you can sell the Coexista bracelet and anklet and receive a share of the proceeds.

Send an email to and tell us about your project. Attach documentation confirming the project’s authenticity, and we will make an agreement where you can resell Coexista to earn money for your project.

Projects we support are within the arts, culture, and sports. We wish to contribute so that people can meet and receive insight and understanding for a peaceful coexistence.

We will support school groups who traveling to Poland and Germany to visit concentration camps and the Stasi prison. Examples of such trips are Hvite busser and Aktive fredsreiser.

Once your Coexista project is approved, we will make an agreement where you can buy bracelets and anklets at a reduced price. When you sell Coexista at the retail price, you will keep the balance for your project.

Agreements concerning projects where several persons will sell Coexista, only one person can be the contractor. The contractor has to be over 18 years old and will be financially responsible for the whole order.

To enter into an agreement, a minimum purchase of 50 jewelries is required .