These pictures show volunteers packing goods in the Beqaa valley, and the distribution of ovens, blankets, mattresses, food and other…

Animated by Julie Engaas.

In this 4 minute film Nina Grünfeld, the initiator behind the Coexista project, telles the story and explains the message.

Nina Grünfeld talks about Coexista on NRK radios program  “The Salon” 06.01.2016, with hosts Christine Lossius Thorin and Torkil Risan.

Jan Eggum and Silje Nergaard sings for Christmas in “The Night before the Night” at NRK1, Silje with a Coexista bracelet on her hand.

Tusvik and Tønne wears Coexista and talks about it in their Podcast nr. 151, posted December 15, 2015  

Anniken Englund Jørgensen is fronting Coexista. Anniken is known as the blogger and as a participant in Aftenposten’s web series Sweatshop. Anniken…

Lena Ronge chooses Coexista as a gift for Christmas, and explains why on her blog TENK TANKEN